Nagor – Caucasian Shepherd, security work
Caucasian Shepherd test (3 years old female) – Geya dominance test

I am Roland Tölösi, the Thuglife Kennel founding.

My breeding principles:

I consistently hold on to the GENUINE Caucasian Sheperd size, looks, utility, behaviour, manageability and natural ferocity.

Important aspects for me:

– Healthy and proportionate build
– Tolerance of gunfire, crackers, thunder
– Loyalty, manageability and obediance towards the owner and the family ONLY
– Distrust and congenital aggression agains strangers
– Unbribable and unterrifyable
– Fast, determined, excessively persistent when protecting territory always making the perfect decision
– Protection of people or territory without ever backing up
– 3-7th generations should still hold the genes of good build and temper
– Serious mistake if the animal is scared or unconcerned agains strangers (genetics)
– Always keep their tail high

Only chose this breed if:

– You are a determined character
– You can train it without violence
– You will NEVER let it fight other animals
– The territory, gates, fence and kennel is completely safe
– If you ever let in strangers you ALWAYS lock your dog
– You walk your dog on the streets with safe equipment (never unleash it)
– If you can tolerate it’s stubbornness and persistency
– If you can always keep your Dog and it’s place clean
– If you can groom and look after it’s health
– Treat it like a real member of your family
– Biased to the breed
– You have enough time to handle your Dog

Do not chose a Caucasian if:

– You want it besides you for only a few years
– If you are uncertain, neurasthenic, nonchalant, drug or alcohol addict
– If you feel week. Your dog will notice it
– If you are agressive.

Study the breed description carefully!

It is not a good idea to keep more then one Caucasian from the same gender on the same territory, sooner or later they will decide ranking of the pack between eacother, this migt cause injuries and ‘holding a grudge’.

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