Thuglife Jack, aka Jack Berki’s owner is Krisztián Berki, a Hungarian ex-football player, body-builder, media celebrity, presenter, life coach, business strategist. He is mainly famous for his weird lifestyle. He attended as a player, later presenter in several Hungarian TV-shows; he swam the icy Danube, wrote a book, appeared in quizes, and was an actor in a light opera, as well.

Jack with his owner and breeder at FEM3 TV

Jack loves travelling by car, so if he can, he goes with Krisztián

Jack with his little owner, Nati. They love each other

Jack and his “Mom”, Mazsi. A real “love”

Jack has learned good manners from Gábor Nyakas, a professional dog trainer.

Jack and his breeder in a dog show

Jack is nice and clever! He won the first place in his class

Jack met a radio speaker, Tibor Keszthelyi