Bizsu’s owner: Bianka Horváth model, animal activist.

My faith, which led me to animal protection, was predicted in my childhood. When I was a child I saw my parents help all roaming animals and fight against those who keep them in hard condition. I grew up in a farm where we had cattle, pigs, horses and poultry.

It cannot be gainsaid how special is my connection with animals. So it was clear that one day, as an adult, I help the ones in need. For a ling time I have seen only the negative side of the coin: the heartless multipliers. But then I met ThugLife kennel. „Here I undoubtedly saw that there are amazing breeders whose primer aim is to form a healthy, permanent and precious dog breed, instead of simply selling them for a good amount of money.

Getting an inside view of Roland’s work I fell in love with French bulldogs and now I, myself own a dog, as well. My first discussion with Roland was about a special shoot with French Bulldogs. I’ve never thought that I would get hold of lifelong friendships and I got a healthy and excellent dog from the kennel.”

Photo shoot has been a part of my life since I was 18. I adore creative work and to walk in others’ shoes. To act the role of an Indian girl has been on my bucket list and this dream came true by ThugLife Kennel who – while the pictures have been taken – presented a gorgeous and well-trained Caucasian Sheperd dog.

Besides the dogs’ positive influence, photography continually fills me up and I hope I can take part in more photo shootings to which – if it’s possible – we always call in the world of animals. It doesn’t matter if we work on the popularization of a fabulous breed or if we want to find home for a struggling dog. The most important is to help as we can.