Miklós Gönczy aka Niko is a real artist of life!The owner of ThugLife Leiko san Rocco and ThugLife Bubur is all about animals, especially crocodiles and snakes, he’s having a desire for being around wild animals since his childhood.

He learned everything about them, then chased them on half of the globe, beside Hungary he lived at Tenerife, Canada, Costa Rica, Canary Islands, Australia and Indonesia and visited more than 60 countries on the World.Nowadays he pays attention to reptile rehabilitation and animal capturing, or rather arranges adventure tours and participates any expeditions that have something to do with reptiles.He set up a reptile rehabilitation hub at Gran Canary, rescued king cobras in Indonesia, helped in restitution of maquacos in Malaysia and also numerous Australian animal parks built terrarium systems and captured crocodiles based on his guidelines.

His life is nothing else but trips and adventures and he would like to show everyone how beautiful nature is.

Reflected on his life, his philosophy is: freedom, love, animals and nature.On many adventures he was accompanied by his favorite French bulldogs included ThugLife Leiko san Rocco and ThugLife Bubur who become real kick-ass globetrotter puppies during those years.